Our new Karz`l Tablet – Simply different!
An arithmetic learning game for the number range 1-100, suitable for preschoolers, elementary classes and all who want to stay fit in arithmetic.

Important for us is the following:

- made to last a lifetime – no expiry date
- sharpens your wits
- functions without electricity and WiFi
- the metal sheet with high-quality fused-film technology ensures long life
- accessory Karzl figures can also be used as magnetic holders, for example, on a fridge
- the wooden frame can be modified (e.g. rubbed with linseed oil)
- the leather strap serves as protection for the plate as well as a means of suspension on the wall
- additional learning tables will be available soon, which will extend playing possibilities

Have fun playing and getting cleverer!

s‘ Karzl

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Euro 29.95
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Euro 29.95
Incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping Cost
Game contents include:

    1 Karzl-Calculator
    3 Karzl-Figures
    1 Set of instructions
    1 Rows and columns template