Privacy Declaration

1. The Subject of Data Protection

The subject of data protection includes personal details such as: name, address, payment details, e-mail address but also usage data such as the IP address of a computer.

2. Automated non-personal data collection, processing and use

We collect, process, or automatically use non-personal information, that your browser sends to us (Cookies). This information includes:

- Browsertype/ -version,
- Operating System,
- Referrer URL (source of a link),
- IP-Address (host name of the system used),
- Time of Server Request

With most web browsers, by use of the setting function in the menu bar, it is possible to select a setting, so that your browser does not accept new cookies in the future or, it switches off any cookies already obtained. This may, however, impair certain functions of the website. If you still want to reduce the use of cookies, it must be ensured that any computer or browser with which you are working, has the desired level of protection.

3. Personal data collection, processing and use

(1) The collection, use, or use of personal data is not required for the inspection of our website.

(2) Any collection, processing or use of personal data only occurs if you provide it in the course of the ordering process voluntarily. We use the data collected solely for the completion of the contract.

(3) It may be necessary to disclose your personal information to companies, that we use to provide the service or to execute the contract e.g. the use of a shipping company. For payment, we have commissioned a payment service called Novalnet AG. To this end, Novalnet AG requires certain personal information from you. This will include your name and address, account number and bank or credit card number (including validity dates), invoice amount, currency and the transaction number. Novalnet AG may use this information for the purpose of payment processing and provide us with it. It is obliged to handle the information in accordance with German data protection laws.

(4) Apart from requirements for the completion of transactions, no data will not be passed on to third parties.
(5) We will provide data to authorized state institutions and authorities only within the statutory obligations or pursuant to a court decision.

(6) We principally do not transfer collected data abroad.

4. Credit Check

(1) To safeguard our legitimate interests, particularly if we make any advance, we reserve the right to request a Novalnet AG credit check based on mathematical and statistical methods.

(2) To this end, we transmit the required personal data to Novalnet AG for a credit check. As far as is legally permissible and taking into account respective legitimate interests, a credit check shall involve an exchange of addresses and credit data between Novalnet AG and the following companies:

Infoscore Consumer Data GmbH
Rheinstr. 99
76532 Baden-Baden


atriga GmbH
August-Bebel-Str. 29
63225 Langen
Tel.: +49 (0)6103 – 37896299

InfoScore Consumer Data GmbH refers to their credit reports and credit information based on mathematical and statistical methods using address data from the:

informa Solution GmbH
Rheinstraße 99
76532 Baden-Baden

(3) We make a balanced decision on the establishment, implementation or termination of the contract based upon information obtained on the statistical probability of default. The credit report can include probability values (score values), which are calculated on the basis of scientifically recognized mathematical and statistical methods and include address data. Your legal rights shall be recognized in accordance with the statutory provisions.

(4) If you wish to be informed about the data to your person stored by the companies mentioned in paragraph 2, please contact them directly. The credit check reveals no detailed information about yourself to us. Please note that we reserve the right to exclude payment for initial and subsequent orders, depending on the credit check and size of order.

5. Minors

We are particularly concerned to ensure the protection of the personal information of children. For this reason there shall be no deliberate collection, processing or use of data of minors unless the guardians have given their consent. Once we recognize that minors have entered personal data on themselves or other persons without appropriate permission, we will delete that information immediately.

6. Right to Information

You always have the option to request information about your stored personal data, about its origin, about recipients of this data as well as the purpose of its storage.

7. Erasure and blocking

(1) We commit ourselves to delete all personal data, as soon as their purpose of storage is fulfilled and no longer required. A deletion can alternatively be blocked, if the deletion is contrary to legal, statutory or contractual retention periods and there is reason to believe that the legitimate interests of the person concerned would be affected by a deletion or if a deletion is only possible with disproportionate effort owing to the special nature of the data’s storage.

(2) In addition, at any time you can lock, rectify or delete your personal data collected with us. A deletion also will occur if you revoke your consent to the collection, processing and use of personal data. The retraction must be sent to:

Jürgen Huss Räucherkerzenherstellung
Gewerbegebiet 11
09465 Sehmatal-Neudorf
Faxnummer: 037342-880918

If withdrawal occurs during an ongoing business process, the deletion occurs immediately after its completion. Further legal deletion or blocking obligations remain unaffected.

8. Technical and organizational measures

We are committed to meet the technical and organizational measures that are necessary to ensure the implementation of the rules on data protection, provided that the effort is proportionate to the desired level of protection. Communicating by e-mail is no guarantee for complete data security, so we recommend the use of postal services for sending confidential information.