HUSS´L portable wood fired stove

HUSS´L portable wood fired stove

"smaller than large - larger than small ..."

The Huss`l Oven and its stove pipe with a 90° bend, a cast iron pan and oven cutlery.

This little stove has it all. It was initially developed as an emergency, poor person’s and sometimes breakfast oven. These names were appropriate because of the minimal amount of fuel the oven used, because of its extremely small combustion chamber. These ovens could be put into operation rapidly and so cooking e.g. breakfast could take place swiftly. A high level oven rack in the combustion chamber enabled the flames to come very close to the cookware. Its simple, but well thought-out design, its light weight and solidity always made the “Canon Oven” very popular.

Discover the many uses this oven has to offer. Whether stationary, with or without connection to a chimney, or, on the go, as a heat source or even as a very attractive decoration, the oven’s old name as an Emergency Oven could become interesting again. You will certainly discover uses for it.

Height: approx. 550 mm
Ø Oven ca. 200 mm
Weight: approx. 11 kg
Heating power: 7 KW

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Euro 565.00
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Included are:

  • 1 oven with stove pipe with a 90° bend
  • 1 cast iron pan
  • 1 oven cutlery

In the living room:

  • as a heat source without connection to a chimney, only with a candle or burning jelly
  • as a smoke container, e.g. for large incense cones.
  • as a decoration

For outdoors:

  • is portable
  • open fire bowls
  • a closed oven – a source of heat for sitting "comfortably outdoors"
  • with a pan, pot or wok pan over an open flame
  • with an additional grating to serve as a grill
  • with the appropriate incense cones to repel insects

Possible applications:

  • on the balcony, in the garden shed, garage, workshop, greenhouse
  • for campers on their camping sites
  • on walking tours
  • on teaching demonstrations for children, heating and more....

Technical details:

  • oven 11 kg
  • oven cast, plastered , untreated
  • rated output: 7,0 KW
  • CO-Emission: 0,195 Vol.-%
  • dust: 13 % O2, 57,2 mg/m3
  • exhaust temperature: 230 °C
  • efficiency: 88,7 %
  • fuel: firewood

Use only recommended fuels. Multiple use of the chimney possible. Read and follow the operating instructions! All figures refer to the conditions of product tests.

DIN EN 12815:2005-09
H1 – Stove for solid fuels