The Karzl

If, like me, you have grown up with incense cones, ("Weihrichkarzln"), a lot of your life will have revolved around this simple but ingenious product. Over time, the cones have inspired some ideas. It began in 1994, when I created my first incense cone oven which is just as charming today as then. Then came the idea of personifying the incense cones and "bringing them to life". This has led to the creation of a hand-made animation that you can watch.

My "Karzl" - as I have christened him – is very lively, can do many more things than we humans can and has plenty of stories to tell. He is guaranteed to raise a smile, is often ironic and very knowledgeable. My "Karzl" is not fixed in his views and is prepared to discuss topics we humans shy away from!  

Have I awakened your curiosity?  Just take a look to keep coming back again!

Yours, Jürgen Huss