Karzl-Spoon with engraving

Karzl-Spoon with engraving

When someone has "given up their spoon", it means someone has died. These curt words are from age old times when a spoon represented someone’s life. When somebody passed away, the "spoon" would be passed on to a younger member of the family. Life went on… How can one nowadays endow a spoon with something special and develop this idea further?
The Karzl-Spoon, ("Dr Karzl-Löffel") has managed this! Manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel, there are no straight edges. Its flowing and elegant form harmonises the handle and its spoon, in such a fashion that the handle also constitutes a small spoon. The spoon’s ample proportions facilitate generous servings. Its original cranked design ensures it can be held without having to change one’s hand position, meaning there are no spills or dribbles! Our "Karzl-Löffel" can become your daily companion. Outdoor enthusiasts can grind the spoon on one side and have a "survival instrument"!

The Karzl-Spoon is the ultimate gift for festivities, such as weddings.
A personalization can be carried out on the spoon handle.

Thus, the festive event remains permanently in the memory and the spoon has lasting value.

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Oh yes!

- Placing a tea-light in the hollow of the dining spoon is highly decorative.
- Of course, what should not be missing? An attached "Karzl-holder" for our best quality incense cones.

All in all:

  • highly unusual
  • useful
  • versatile
  • practically unbreakable
  • elegant
  • simply the "Dr Karzl-Spoon"

Scope of delivery: 1 spoon, 1 incense holder, matches