Karzl-lunchbox "Plumber"

Karzl-lunchbox "Plumber"

new since 2020: motif "Plumber"

The good old lunchbox. How long they have existed I do not know, but many people knew and used them. At the beginning of the 90’s their production simply ceased, in spite of their many advantages. They simply were no longer “in“ and so, they were consigned to being a relic of the past. I, personally could not forget them so easily and now we are producing “good old” new ones. This, of course is typical for the HUSS company!

Made of pure aluminium, coated with eloxal, they have a wonderful lightness. Their kidney shape efficiently mirrors the cross-section of a loaf of bread and they are very stable. The two overlapping forms literally grow together with their contents.

And very important: The “Karzl“ of Neudorf extols the virtues of the above.
Since many children are “Karzl“-fans, there could be growing enthusiasm for the healthy lunchtime sandwich again (wrapped in greaseproof paper) which, of course, has to be packed in Karzl’s lunchbox at all costs.

What else might one achieve with a little imagination?

Preservation vessels based on the theme of “Weihrichkarzle“
Elegant packaging for high quality gifts
Storage vessels for any ragbag of collectibles
Plant containers, office filing and, and, and…

Rediscover the lunchbox
and make other people happy!

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Size: Height/Breadth/Depth: 45 mm/170 mm/100 mm
Weight: 145 g