s´ Stubm Karzl

s´ Stubm Karzl

The groovy

for incense cones

I took my time to come into the world. As I am now, everything about me should be almost perfect. It starts with the matter, the material. As it is so in Master's ’ Tradition lies, I'm made of metal, made of die-cast zinc, which stands for almost indestructible. I have chosen copper scrap as the surface, a layer that is resistant and with my heat development when “work“ has no problem. And the hat has also got its typical olive color for me. So much for material and appearance.

I'm built in three parts. That speaks for flexibility. You can take off your hat and body and marvel at the inner workings. Because I'm not just “ hollow “. My digestion is huge. I can gradually consume many incense cones. You can take my hat off and put my clothes on from above or even take off my body, everyone as they want. When the heat spreads inside me, the scent and smoke rise and emerge from under the brim of my hat. Hat and body position are important. I can easily look forward, backward, left, right, up and down. Depending on the mood, the smoke comes out accordingly. Important things are still under my feet. In a tin can there are a few fine Neudorf incense cones and matches. By the way, if my hat shifts sideways, it won't fall down, because I know my hat size and it fits perfectly.

What more do you want? With me by your side, it gets warm and smells good.

By the way : The processing of our Stub'm Karzl creates a structured, uneven surface. That is expressly wanted! The copper plating is irregular and polished to our liking. This is no reason for complaint! The patina of old copper changes over time. You can edit and design these yourself with a cleaning fleece.

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Die-cast zinc, copper-plated; Height: approx. 160 mm; Weight: approx. 680 grams

Safety instructions:
Attention! S’Stubm Karzl gets hot when in use!

Only use under supervision!
Also place on a fireproof surface!
Empty the ashtray regularly!

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 Stubm Karzl
  • 1 tin can with fine Neudorf incense cones
  • 1 pack of matches