pan for fragments

pan for fragments
Not everything in life is always going well. It is the same with the traditional production of our good fine Neudorf incense cones.
Some are not formed or have broken off. Nevertheless, everything is there that stands for our good fragrance.
That's how we are at the Karzl fragments. And how can you use this cleverly?
You need equipment that guarantees a good burn - just our pan for fragments.


Our pan for fragments is an unadorned, timeless, versatile item.


Attention! Pan for fragments gets hot when used!
Place the pan on a fireproof surface!
Use only under supervision!
The smell of incense candles works best,
if the room is supplied with fresh air every now and then.

Good smell with our pan for fragments!

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Euro 19.95
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Total length: approx.17.5 cm
Height: about 3 cm

operation manual

Put Karzl fragments in the lid of the pan, light it intensively and the small fragments gradually pass on the fire. Depending on the filling quantity and the amount of ignition, you have a fine fragrance over a long period of time. Unburnt remnants can be lit again. The ashes and small remnants fall into the actual pan. You should occasionally use a small wire brush or something similar to the sieve. clean.

By the way: Our pan is made entirely of untreated sheet steel - even food-safe.

Of course you can also put normal fragrance incense cones in different sizes in the pan.

Through use, a patina gradually forms and the pan gets its own charm. This can start with the transport. Some call it rusting. That's how we wanted it. Technical manufacturing details and discoloration are specifically not dealt with. So you have a piece of nostalgia in your hands, which impresses with longevity and sustainability.