Spielett (pickup only)

Spielett (pickup only)

Some know her. Often it is a heirloom. but is not produced any longer:
The good, old music box used as a christmas tree stand.
There are good news. It is getting produced again, in the same look but with better skills. So it is getting a new name. It’s called: Spielett.
Precious in design and handcraft-manufactured, it is a real eyecatcher.
There was changed a lot inside. The drive unit is based electronic-mechanical. At christmas time you can sound the Swiss musical box– in a equal way. On the other hand you plug in a USB-flash drive and you can listen to your favorite music with the integrated MP3-Player. A rotation with music or without is possible. You can also listen to music without rotation. Otherwise it is possible to put on a christmas tree. The included 5-volt-power connection is for lightning.
Through the year you can be very creative with our Spielett.
-    elegant candle holder
-    rotable shelf (or fruit stand) for dinner tables
-    child’s birthday parties or normal-ones with suitable music
-    use it for a nativity set and a little wooden-made shed. It can be a good replacement for a christmas tree
-    and, and, and…

•    precious & elegant
•    handcrafted performance „made in Erzgebirge“
•    historical
•    modern range of application
•    all-season usable
•    music boxs plays over a mechanical Swiss reel „Holy night, silent night“
•    volume and speed adjustable
•    different possiblities: use as christmas tree stand or turntable
•    USB-flash drive can be load with favorite music
Well done!

P.S.:  From time to time there will be more extensions.

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Euro 1,995.00
Incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping Cost


1. Spielett

- 1x Spielett
- 1x wooden box

2. Power supply
3. Christmas tree foot

- 1x top
- 1x lower part
- 1x hand drill for pre-drilling ø 6 mm
- 1x drill for drilling ø 7 mm

4th stable

- 1x adapter for wooden plates
- 1x wooden plate
- 1x console
- 1x holder on the left
- 1x holder on the right
- 1x connection
- 1x gate
- 10x fence elements
- 8x Huss grommets
- 1x arm for star
- 1x wedge

5. USB stick with music and demo video