Natural Aromatic Resin

Natural Aromatic Resin

We recommend melting the resins in our therefore specially developed “Duftharz-pyramide” (Original Neudorf Incense Burner and Aromatic Resin Pyramid), “Hunds-ofen”, “Mehrzweckherd” (Original Neudorf Multi-Purpose Stove), “Hockerkocher”

Please use the resins very economical (size of a rice grain) because they spread a very intense scent and rest in rooms for a very long time.

We give every customer the opportunity to find out his favourite with our resin set of all four scents (5g per scent). The resins can be crumbling and mixed with each other.

Supplied in 20 g bags
4-pack mixed : 4 packs , each 5 grams

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Euro 3.05
Incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping Cost

Origin: Indonesia: Sumatra (Java), Thailand (formerly Siam)
Benzoe exudes a balsamic, intensive, resinous, vanilla scent. The resin evaporates extremely quickly and should therefore be used sparingly. Supplied in 20 g bags.

Origin: Africa (Somalia, Eritrea)
Frankincense has a sweet, spicy-fresh ethereal character and has a balsamic, citrus-like scent Frankincense melts slowly and the fragrance lingers a long time. Supplied in 20 g bags

Sandarak resin:
Origin: Europe
Sandarak exudes a light fruity, balsamic scent, similar to Frankincense. Supplied in 20 g bags.

Origin: India/Africa
In fine doses, the resin develops a warm, earthy, spicy aroma. Supplied in 20 g bags.