Small Table-HUSS'L and burner set

Small Table-HUSS'L and burner set

"for all cases"

for incense candles, scented resins, tea lights, with gel and as a warmer

At last, I have arrived! My name is little "Table-Huss’l" and I am a small, solid, iron stove weighing 1 kg. I am handmade and you can depend on me for everything in connection with producing good smells and bringing warmth. I am pretty much indifferent to the size of the materials to be burnt. I function like my big brother– Is HUSS‘L – and I look like my little brothers and sisters. You can learn a lot in dealing with me. Place a little iron pan on me and frying an egg presents no problem. Although I am completely safe, I can become extremely hot – like a real oven! Whether indoors or outdoors, you will have your fun with me!

With the supplied burner set, our small table HUSS'L becomes an emergency cooker or can also be used outside. neudeutsch Outdoor & ndash; used:

Spending time outdoors was and remains important to all of us. Experience nature. Take a deep breath and be amazed. And something to eat can also go with it.
That's why I have equipped my little table HUSS'L with a tried and tested Trangia spirit burner, a burning ring and an adjustment plate.
Now there is a creative stew, Nothing in the way of a boiled tea and something "sizzling".

Have fun with it!

Safety instructions:
Caution! Oven becomes hot when in use! In addition, place the furnace on a fireproof surface! Use only under supervision!
Please be sure to follow the operating instructions for the Trangia alcohol burner. Download here.

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Scope of delivery:

  • Small table HUSS'L
  • Accessories small table HUSS'L
  • Burning ring
  • Trangia alcohol burner
  • Adjustment plate

Iron pan (optionally available), copper jug or cup are not included.

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