tuba mouthpiece

tuba mouthpiece
Tuba mouthpiece

the sonorous

What would life be without the muse or even the music? Hard to imagine. And the best is the homemade one. How many people in the world play an instrument and how many of them play a brass instrument? Many many. And what brings the sound to the surface, just to vibrate? The mouthpiece. So much for that.
The bell shape of the mouthpiece suggests even more. We succeeded in giving her the key tone A to elicit (at 440 Hz) - a unique sound. So the mouthpiece is also a bell,
Table bell, stylized mouthpiece and fragrance jar. Where in the world is that again?
Made from solid sheet brass using the metal pressing process, our mouthpiece is a fine gift for musical people. Discover it "Sonorous" mouthpiece

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Safety instructions:
Attention! Mouthpiece gets hot when in use!
Use only under supervision!
Also place on a fireproof surface!
Empty the ash box regularly!