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About my grandfather, Kurt Huß...

My grandfather, Kurt Huß, founded HUSS Incense Cone Production in Neudorf in the Ore Mountains, Saxony in 1929. It was an economically difficult time and in the winter of 1928/29 he began to earn a meagre extra income by producing incense cones from fine charcoal and natural resin. The cones, "Weihrichkarzle", as they are still named today, were exclusively handmade.

Kurt Huß

1930. Family working at home. Company founder Kurt Huss ( first from left ), his son and successor Siegffried Huss ( top right).

.. about my father, Siegfried Huß...

With the demise of my grandfather, the 1950s-founded HUSS incense cone factory was closed in 1970. However, my father, Siegfried Huß continued the good tradition despite shortages and bottlenecks.

Siegfried Huß

1970, Siegfried Huß (died 2000), Son of company founder Kurt Huss. 1963 Kurt Huss with his grandson ( right), in the middle back, Jürgen Huss.

... the son, Jürgen Huß

At the beginning of the 90s, in the spirit of my father and grandfather, I, Jürgen Huß, founded the HUSS incense cone company again. Nowadays, our "Neidorfer Weihrichkarzle“enjoy increasing popularity and are known in many places.  Keeping strictly to the good tradition of producing fine incense cones out of natural materials, as a trained mechanical engineer, I am always trying to break new ground in this direction.

Familie Jürgen Huß

1990er, Printing of boxes in the kitchen ( above, right). The house of the Huss family until today (top right), the picture was taken early 30s.
With the grandchildren (in the middle, left). 2015, Family Huss with children and grandchildren ( below).

This, among other projects, brought about the production of HUSS No.1 which is incense cone material pressed into rod form. This results in totally new uses. Something that is especially appealing to the fragrance connoisseur. We have even returned to using traditional packaging from the "good old times" Artful and durable products are produced from various sheets of metal and good solid cardboard. Of course, these products are always complemented by the incomparable content of fine incense cones. "It smells as good as it always did" our customers assure us.

Incense Cones, known as "Räucherkerzen", the fine-smelling cones from the Ore Mountains, are an essential part of Christmas Time. In Neudorf, we have been producing exceptionally fine cones made of entirely natural materials according to an old family recipe since 1930.
Our cones are a part of undiluted Nature! 

Jürgen Huß

Company founder Jürgen Huß

Our Strengths: little smoke – fine fragrance

In all their various fragrances, our incense cones are always black. This is because they are made from fine charcoal. The odourless smoldering charcoal facilitates an effective release of the valuable fragrances. Do not expect a lot of smoke from our cones but you will experience a very fine, subtle fragrance. This distinguishes our cones from others!

Time for Family

Hundreds of television channels are transmitted into many households these days. Additionally there is the internet and smart phones. In households, everyone has their own screen and people tend to live in their own little worlds. I find this a problematic development. I draw hope from the fact that when speaking to children, in contrast, they want to spend more time with their parents for playing, talking and other shared experiences. Every day is 24 hours – we have time – the question is what do we do with it? Time invariably seems to run away. My question is: can we alter our perception of time running so fast? Or can we at least change how we spend our time?

Familie Huss



As well as incense cones, we produce a variety of cone ovens and fragrance holders, beautifully made from sheet steel, guaranteed to bring delight! A new and quite unique product line began to develop in the mid-90s. Intricately fashioned in sheet steel, various articles of daily use have been built in miniature. Their quality and loving attention to detail are obvious for all to see. Although primarily designed for our fine incense cones, they are well suited for the safe use of other air fresheners such as essential oils or natural resins. Our fragrance and incense burners are of high quality and, in their various forms, such as small pots, pans, ovens, stoves, pyramids, jugs and locomotives, they capture the hearts of young and old alike.
More ideas are in the pipeline…


Gutes von Hand gemacht und alles selbst entwickelt. Bei uns bekommen Sie nur Originale.

Undiluted Nature – what is that?

In my grandfather`s time, good incense cones consisted entirely of natural, organic materials. We have kept up this tradition. When you read on the packaging "made entirely of natural materials", you can be assured natural means natural! Our cones do not smell strongly inside their packaging, so they do not lose their scent over time but, when you ignite them, you can enjoy their full essence. We achieve this through the use of dry materials such as resin, woods or special spices. Do not expect a lot of smoke from our cones but you will experience a very fine, subtle fragrance. 

Natur Pur

An important principle of the company in the production of Huss products.

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