Frankincense Giants

Frankincense Giants

"The good ones"

The original Neudorf Incense Cones are black and made exclusively out of charcoal and valuable natural fragrant substances.  As a result of this, they produce very little smoke and radiate a pleasantly natural and subtle fragrance.

Please note: these cones produce a lot of heat when they burn and MUST stand on a solid, insulated, fireproof base!

Amount: 1 piece without package
Incense cones approx 130mm tall
Burning time approx. 60 min.
Colour: Black
Weight: 38 g
Fragrance: Frankincense

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Euro 8.60
Incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping Cost

Instructions for the use of all sizes of incense

  • The burning time for incense cones varies according to their size and can take up to 2 hours, reaching temperatures up to 600 °C.
  • For your safety, always place the cones on a solid, isolated and fireproof base, using e.g. our fireproof dishes.
  • These dishes also become very hot, so be sure to place them on a heat-insulating surface.
  • There must be no possibility of a glowing incense cone toppling and causing damage.
  • Choice of incense cone size is influenced by the size of rooms.

a Standard approx. 30 mm for a room of 20 m²
a Maxi approx. 90 mm for larger rooms and hallways
a Giant approx. 130 mm for very large rooms e.g. stairwells, restaurants, churches etc.

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